Bodily Injury Insurance

Are you a gambler? The answer is likely “yes” because if you drive in Florida, and you’re in an accident, there is a very real chance that the driver that hit you doesn’t have insurance to cover your losses. That’s because Florida is one of only two states that doesn’t require drivers to carry coverage that pays for the injuries or death they cause. A serious car accident can not only wreck your vehicle, but it can also turn your life upside down! Even if you have medical coverage, you may still face huge recovery bills, and if the at-fault driver is uninsured it can be financially devastating. Bodily injury insurance is not a requirement in Florida - but it should be according to Jacksonville, personal injury attorney Jim Glober. Florida’s PIP or personal injury protection will cap out at just 10 thousand dollars after a crash, regardless of who is at fault. Once again this legislative session, Florida lawmakers will consider repealing PIP in favor of mandatory bodily injury coverage of 25 thousand dollars per person. Glober Law Firm urges you not to take chances. Make sure you have bodily injury and uninsured motorist protection. And when you are injured by someone else’s negligence in the Jacksonville area, let Jim Glober help you. Call him today at (904) 587-4446 or visit