More Bicycles on the Road

You have probably noticed there are a lot more bicyclists on the road these days. The fresh air and exercise it provides has been a welcome break from the "stay and home" "social distance" and "wear a mask" orders. The downside? More bicycles on the road means more accidents, and when a bicyclist has a run-in with a car or a truck, it's not exactly an even match-up. The results can be devastating. Florida still has more bicycle deaths than any other state and the department of highway safety and motor vehicles says Duval county has seen an uptick in bicycle accidents. Wearing a helmet, riding "with" the flow of traffic, and equipping your bike with front and rear lights will help cut down on your chances of being hurt. But distracted drivers and motorists under the influence remain a serious threat to folks on two wheels. If you are injured in a bicycle accident because of someone else's carelessness, call the law offices of Jim Glober or visit