Personal Injury Journal

If you’ve been injured in an accident, keeping a personal injury journal may help make your case, so attorney Jim Glober has some advice for what to document in your journal. First: accident details. Write down the details immediately because your memory can fade. Be sure to include: day, date and time. Circumstances, weather conditions, contact information for witness, and responding law enforcement. And anything the at-fault part says or does. Next document your pain. Include: the body parts affected and the severity of the pain. It is important to be honest. Avoid exaggerating or minimizing it. Use a daily 1-10 pain scale for consistency. Time missed from work. Keep track of lost wages and any benefits you receive during your time off. Doctor’s appointments. Remember you might see a variety of healthcare professionals, so journal every appointment. Also keep track of mileage, medication, and treatment. List the name, dosage, frequency of all medications. Also keep receipts for any over-the-counter drugs you buy. And of course, life impact. How has your injury affected your activities, hobbies and relationships? Remember your personal injury journal may be used as evidence in your case so be accurate and complete. The process can be overwhelming, especially as you are trying to recover. So you’ll want a Jacksonville personal injury attorney who can help you sort out the specifics of your case and get you the compensation you deserve. Call Jim Glober or log onto