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Although we handle many different types of complex criminal defense matters, our firm has particular expertise in the field of white-collar crime.  White-collar crimes are typically nonviolent offenses committed for financial gain or to obtain certain benefits. They are generally committed through deception, misrepresentation, or under false pretenses. These crimes can range from identity theft to massive Ponzi schemes defrauding large groups of people and involving millions of dollars. 

Regardless of the scope of the alleged defense, you face harsh penalties if you are convicted of such a crime in Florida. Along with criminal penalties, your career and reputation can be ruined, your professional license lost, your reputation and livelihood destroyed, and your future limited by a permanent criminal record. At Glober + Glober, we understand the devastating effects of a white collar crime conviction and are prepared to help you fight these effects with a strategic defense. 

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White-Collar Crimes in Florida

White-collar crimes can involve a vast number of offenses. These can be small in nature committed by one individual or be offenses committed by a group that create a huge financial toll on alleged victims. Charges of such crimes generally start with an investigation by law enforcement officials that can span weeks, months, or longer, depending on size and scope of the case. These investigations can involve sophisticated means of finding evidence and documentation sufficient to make charges stick in criminal courts. 

Examples of white-collar crimes can include but are not limited to:

  • Healthcare fraud. This can be committed through fraudulent means against government entities such as Medicare and Medicaid as well as against private insurance companies. 
  • Bank and wire fraud. These crimes involve siphoning off funds in deceptive ways often through digital means.
  • Embezzlement. This is another form of obtaining funds from a business or corporation by an employee who has access to their finances.
  • Identity theft. This involves using another’s identity to obtain their bank account funds, to obtain loans, or to purchase goods and services.
  • Mortgage fraud. This can done by providing false information on loan applications.
  • Money laundering. This is done through converting funds obtained illegally into what appears to be legal transactions, such as through a business.
  • Insurance fraud. This involves making false claims against insurance policies.
  • Public corruption. This is committed by elected or appointed officials who accept bribes in exchange for political favors. 

Other types of white-collar crimes include Social Security fraud, forgery, counterfeiting, investment scams, conspiracy, tax evasion, and more. 

Handling Complex White-Collar Offenses

These types of crimes can lead to years in prison, heavy fines, restitution to alleged victims, probation for extended periods of time, and a permanent criminal record that can make future employment difficult at best. Misdemeanor crimes can lead to jail sentences of up to a year along with fines of up to $1,000. Felony white-collar crimes will involve prison terms that can range, for instance, from a maximum of five years of up 30 years and fines ranging up to $10,000, depending on the case.

Glober + Glober can make its own independent investigation of the charges and evidence being used against you in search of weaknesses and flaws. Our firm is dedicated to helping you avoid or minimize the consequences of any alleged white-collar crime. We are known for the high quality of representation we deliver for clients every step of the way. 

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