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Wrongful death is defined as “a negligent or willful act that results in the taking of an individual’s life.” Current law allows for the decedent’s heirs and beneficiaries to file an action of wrongful death against those responsible. It’s important to understand that a wrongful death action is different from criminal charges. So, a defendant that is acquitted of wrongful death in a criminal court can still be sued by the victim’s family. Rely on expert legal counsel from an experienced attorney to help you understand the complexities and gain rightful compensation.

  • What are some of these complexities?
  • Can the cause of the accident that led to the victim’s death be proved in court?
  • Can the negligence of another individual/party be proved as the cause of wrongful death?
  • Could the accident have been prevented?

A wrongful death resulting from a physical blow during an altercation or a fight is considered to be intentional.

A wrongful death resulting from an omission or failure to act is considered to be unintentional; however, the effect is still the same and the individual who intentionally or unintentionally caused a wrongful death can (and should!) be held accountable.

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If you’ve experienced the sudden loss of someone you care about, you may be feeling lost, confused, angry, or all the above. While hiring legal help will not result in returning your loved one to you, it can help you get the answers you need to achieve a sense of peace and closure around the incident. You may also need help with the funeral and burial costs or loss of income resulting from the death.

At Glober + Glober Attorneys, P.A., we offer sincere, compassionate legal help to families who are coping with the wrongful death of a loved one. We have over 20 years of experience with helping families through the tragedy of a fatal accident and we can guide you through the legal process that can help you put at least some of the pieces back together.

Don’t Ignore Wrongful Death — Justice Must Be Served!

Every day, people die in fatal car and truck accidents, from medical malpractice, from negligent behavior, and even from malicious attacks. When you’ve lost someone close to you, it’s important to understand your rights and who you can trust. Let the law enforcement teams handle the criminal aspect of this terrible event, and let Glober + Glober Attorneys, P.A. handle the personal aspect of your wrongful death claim.

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You and your family deserve answers, justice, and compensation for your loss. It’s provided in the law of our country, and we want to ensure you have the help you need to hold wrongdoers accountable.

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