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$1.2 Million Car Crash

$1,115,000 for young man injured in motor vehicle collision in which he suffered multiple broken bones and a subdural hematoma.

  • $1.2 Million Car Crash
    $1,115,000 for young man injured in motor vehicle collision in which he suffered multiple broken bones and a subdural hematoma. The award paid for additional education that allowed him to obtain a well-paying job.
  • $1.1 Million Fatal Alcohol Sale to Minor
    Confidential settlements totaling over $1,100,000 for the family of a young man who was killed in a motor vehicle collision caused by a minor driver who had been drinking alcoholic beverages but was not legally impaired. We held those who provided alcohol to the minors responsible.
  • $1.06 Million Truck Accident
    Over $1,000,000 for client driver of dump truck hit in rear by a pickup truck on highway in Clay County, Florida. Our client is a young man, and this result made a huge difference in his life, allowing him to graduate trade school and to re-enter the workforce.
  • Confidential Settlement Murder by Apartment Maintenance Worker

    Confidential settlement for the family of an elderly woman murdered by an apartment maintenance worker whose employer retained him despite a history of violence and drug abuse.

  • $750,000 Recovery Premises Sidewalk Accident
    $750,000 result for woman who suffered severe injuries from falling over a bolt protruding from a sidewalk beside a gas station/convenience store in Santa Rosa County, Florida. Pleased to work on this case with Aaron Watson, of The Watson Firm in Pensacola.
  • $650,000 Settlement Couple Beaten in their Apartment
    $650,000 for couple beaten in their apartment home in Pinellas County by man seeking drugs, where apartment owner failed to warn couple that previous occupant sold drugs from the apartment.
  • $363,263 Verdict Man Stabbed In Bar

    $363,623 judgement for man stabbed in bar in Bradenton, Florida. The bar did not have sufficient security, given past violence in the neighborhood. Fortunately, he survived and had scarring but no lasting physical injuries. Pleased to work with Tim Farrow of Sarasota in this case.

  • $350,000 Recovery Low-Speed Collision
    $350,000 recovery for client injured in low-speed collision in Palatka, Putnam County, Florida. This recovery was $250,000 over the liability insurance limits of $100,000. This compensation allowed this elderly lady to improve her standard of living in her golden years.
  • $275,000 Recovery Policy Limit Recovery
    $275,000 policy limit recovery for client who suffered aggravation of pre-existing neck condition in low-impact collision in Ocala, Marion County, Florida. This result allowed this young man to move himself, his wife, and their four children to South Florida, where they desired to live.
  • $160,000 Recovery Unsafe Premises
    $160,000 recovery for client who tripped over an electrical-cord cover in a convention center in Orlando, Orange County, Florida.
  • Confidential Settlement Industrial Injury
    Settlement for man whose hand was pulled into a machine producing rolls of paper towels, causing the hand to be degloved and later amputated. The settlement allowed him to buy a house and continue to provide for his family.
  • Confidential Settlement Trip and Fall Accident

    Substantial settlement for man who tripped on a building entrance that violated the Florida Building Code and suffered a knee injury that required surgery.

  • Confidential Settlement Truck Accident
    Confidential settlement for client severely injured by trucker in Miami, Dade County, Florida, whose fraudulent log entries contained mathematically impossible combinations of time and distance (unless he was in an aircraft).