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Truck drivers play a critical role in keeping our economy running by transporting goods across the country. However, operating a large commercial vehicle comes with immense responsibility. Truck drivers must remain focused and alert behind the wheel at all times. Unfortunately, distracted and fatigued truck driving continues to be a major threat on our roadways....

Asset forfeiture allows law enforcement to seize assets connected to criminal activity. There are two main types of asset forfeiture – criminal forfeiture and civil forfeiture. While they have some similarities, there are important differences between the two. This article will examine criminal versus civil forfeiture and highlight the key distinctions. What is Criminal Forfeiture?...

Spinal cord injuries are often caused by traumatic blows to the spine from vehicle accidents, falls, sports collisions, or acts of violence. Non-traumatic causes include spinal tumors, infections, inflammatory diseases, insufficient blood flow, and ruptured disks. A catastrophic spinal cord injury that results in partial or complete paralysis is life-altering. While advances in medical care...

There were 101 fatal bus crashes in 2021, which caused the deaths of 108 people. Most of the victims were in other vehicles, with 19.4% of them pedestrians. A bus crash can be extremely traumatic, especially if a school bus is involved. In addition to the immense emotional toll, families often face significant financial burdens...

Asset forfeiture is a controversial legal procedure that permits law enforcement officers to seize property they believe is connected to criminal activity. While proponents argue that it is an effective tool for fighting crime and disrupting criminal organizations, critics contend that it is often abused, violating the rights of innocent property owners. This article explores...

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