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November 23, 2020

According to the Florida Department for Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), in 2019, there were 401,863 traffic crashes in Florida, resulting in 254,821 injuries and 3,179 fatalities. Being involved in an auto accident can be a devastating and painful experience. Unfortunately, there are several misleading myths and false assumptions floating around about car accident claims. All of these make it quite easy to make costly mistakes when pursuing an accident claim without proper legal guidance.

At the Glober Law Firm, I am committed to providing comprehensive legal guidance and strong representation to clients who are pursuing personal injury claims. As an experienced Florida auto accident attorney, I can fight compassionately to protect your rights and help you pursue fair financial compensation for any injuries, damages, or pain and suffering. I’m proud to represent car accident victims throughout Jacksonville Beach, Jacksonville, Duval County, St. Johns County, and across the entire state of Florida.


Seeking injury claims after a car accident can be an overwhelming and emotional process. Unfortunately, acting on these common misconceptions can make the entire process even more complicated and stressful. Knowing what to expect and having the information you need to separate fact from fiction will go a long way toward helping you navigate the claims process. Below are some of the most common misconceptions about auto accident claims in Florida and why you shouldn’t buy into them:

Misconception #1 — It’s always the at-fault driver’s insurance that pays for damages/injuries

This is a common misconception when filing injury claims in Florida. However, because Florida is considered a no-fault state, assuming the at-fault driver will pay for all of the damages is not always a safe bet. Believe it or not, the victim’s initial medical bills are generally covered by their own insurance provider. In most incidents, your insurer will cover medical expenses or lost wages up to $10,000.

Misconception #2 — I’ll get all the money up-front for my claim, or I won’t get compensated until after all the bills have been paid.

In Florida’s no-fault scheme, both parties involved in the auto accident first turn to their own auto insurance providers to make claims. A person’s own insurance company will pay as you go. Your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) would cover 80% of medical bills up to $10,000 as you go.

Misconception #3 — If the accident is minor, it’s not necessary to pull over or file a police report.

According to Florida state law (Florida Statutes – Motor Vehicles § 316.065), you’re required to report an auto accident immediately to the Florida Highway Patrol, Police, or law enforcement agency if there was an injury, death, or property damage of $500 or more. Therefore, pulling over and filing a police report are required under Florida law, and failure to do so is a violation of the law.

Misconception #4 — I was partially at fault for the accident, so I can’t file a personal injury claim.

Florida is a pure comparative fault state. Under the system, your level of negligence doesn’t prevent you from recovering damages for your injuries, even if you were partially or mostly at fault for the accident. Therefore, even if you were 80% at fault, you may still recover 20% compensation.

Misconception #5 — I don’t need to hire an attorney to file a personal injury claim.

When filing a personal injury claim, hiring an attorney can be crucial. A lawyer will help facilitate the process and can negotiate with insurance to get a higher pay-out. Moreover, it is very important to retain an attorney who specializes in personal injury since they know the specific laws related to the circumstances of your case.


Car accidents often have substantial long-lasting consequences on the lives of the victims and their loved ones. Such an overwhelming occurrence can affect you physically, financially, and emotionally. Regardless, you don’t have to go through it alone. An experienced Florida personal injury attorney can help protect your rights and pursue your rightful compensation.

I have devoted my career to handling car accidents and personal injury matters. As a knowledgeable auto accident attorney, I can help you with the following:

  • Fight compassionately to protect your rights and represent your best interests
  • Review and investigate every detail of your case
  • Collect all necessary information, pieces of evidence, and documentation
  • Help prove fault and establish liability
  • Determine and estimate case value
  • Negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company
  • File a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, where applicable

Contact the Glober Law Firm today to schedule a one-on-one consultation with an experienced Florida personal injury attorney. I can fight zealously to protect your rights, represent you compassionately, offer you comprehensive legal guidance, and help you seek fair financial compensation for your injuries and damages. I proudly represent clients throughout Jacksonville Beach, Duval County, Jacksonville, St. Johns County, and the entire state of Florida.
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